Glastonbury The Movie in Flashback


You can now download the film in full HD

Glastonbury The Movie In Flashback
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Once your PayPal transaction has been processed you will be emailed a unique download link to a zip file containing the movie in full HD (1080p). It's a high quality mpeg4 which is yours to keep and is playable on all devices (PC, Mac, iPad. iPhone, iPod, Android, X-Box, Playstation etc.).

NOTE: Unless you are familiar with the download process on Android and iOS devices it is advisable to perform the download on a PC or Mac and sync the film to tablets and phones your usual way. We can't support downloading to mobile devices at the moment.

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Glastonbury The Movie In Flashback
4 disK box set

The 4 disc box set has a bonus of over 12 hours of video and 24 hours of audio.

Each copy of the DVD also has a download code for the digital version of the film.

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